Hey John,

My flute came in today! I really appreciate the super fast customer support and shipping!  The flute is simply amazing.  Your craftsmanship is top notch, This flute looks incredible (and its true, your choice in walnut surely has character). I cannot believe how incredibly intuitive this instrument is to play.  I have tried a few wind instruments before without much luck and have primarily kept to strings.  I read through the supplied pamphlet before I started playing, and the info you provide is all you need to start making music!  I've never played anything that so easily expresses what is flowing within.  It sounds amazing, you can really feel the flute resonate, almost within yourself.  The tonal quality is superb throughout the volume range which I absolutely love (having come from needing to crank the tubes on the guitar rig to get "sweet spot).  I am completely blown away (pun intended) and I look forward to taking this flute on many adventures down the road. 
 Thank you John and keep doing great things!
Dear John,
the flute has just arrived! I opened the box slowly and carefully, picked the fulte up with respect and just looked at it for a couple of minutes. Absolutely beautiful. I was too excited to play the first note, and when I did the sweetest sound I've ever heard came out, I played for a couple of seconds and literally tears welled up in my eyes and I had to let you know immediately that I'm so happy right now. I will cherish this beautiful work of art till the rest of my life. I mean this sound is really something special, so soothing, so natural. Thank you for everything. Oh, yeah, your letter is great:) Reading it really felt like we were on an adventure in South America together. Imagine finding this marvelous instrument at a flea market:))))

So, as far as the care for the flute is concerned, I should remove the bird block, every time I finish playing?

So excited, I'mma go and play some more now. Have a wonderful day.


Hi John,

My flute arrived safely in Santa Fe,as did we!  I am really pleased with it! It has a sweet tone with no hint of "breathiness' and the root note plays beautifully without breaking, even with differing pressures.  I shall look after it well!
Thank you very much,

Hello John,

My beautiful new flute arrived exactly on time as you had indicated. 
It sounds GREAT and is truly a work of art and a clear indication of your skill and commitment to your high standard of excellence.
The fit and finish is farrrrr superior to many of the flutes I have seen and I am delighted I decided to have you make my new flute.
The E holes are a stretch for me to reach and cover so I am working with a squeeze ball to increase my finger flexibility. 
I am also very appreciative of you taking the time on the phone last Sunday to council and challenge me to reach for the next level of flute mastery.
Thank you and Best wishes,

Dear John,
I wanted to let you know that the flutes safely arrived today and are on my desk right now. Thank you also for a nice letter - I wish you that the content of it will come true. I hope you will have a chance to visit Lithuania one day and in such occasion please let me know about it.

Having first look at the flutes - I see that they are very beautifully made. I look forward to play with it in the evening. I tried to understand where is a correct position of the bird. I think, I worked it out, but will experience in the evening. My daughter already waits for me to come home very much.

Best regards,



Dear John,

Please forgive my carelessness in not communicating with you sooner.  Thank you for my wonderful flute.... I just can't seem to put it down for any length of time.
The timbre is lovely and the tone mellow.  I am progressing rapidly in technique and thrilled to explore the instruments' bounty of character. Please add me to your
list of most ardent admirers - your workmanship and talent is entirely self-evident. I'm thrilled to know I am in line for my next E minor 440, purple-heart bore with
curly maple mouthpiece creation with wet-out protection. Thank you for everything you do. 
Bill Walker

Received my new flute in perfect order and on time. It or should I say she is a beauty. John has crafted a flute that reminds me of the work of a master violin maker. I play about 6 of my flutes twice a day and It only took one day to have the hole locations down. She is a great flute, I checked most of the makers around and finally, glad I called John. When I told him what I do he had the one suggestion that did the trick. Thanks John, a loyal customer, larry

Hi John,
I received the flute yesterday and have been very pleased with the fine craftsmanship and tonal quality of this instrument.  The voice is very strong, much more so than the 'D' flute I've been playing.  The notes, particularly in the upper half of the flute's range are pure and penetrating.  Other than the desire to add some additional reverb in a performance setting, I don't think this flute would ever require artificial amplification.
I've played it for over 30 minutes at a time without a break, with no 'wet out' problems; with my 'D' flute, I'm lucky if I can make it past 10 minutes without the need to purge the accumulated moisture under the fetish.
I also noticed that I actually have to work pretty hard with my breathing to overblow on this flute; it has a very nice, continuous dynamic range.  Again, with my 'D' flute, I have to be quite careful in the lower range not to over blow, else I end up in another register (most unpleasant surprise... :-)
I also like the flattened areas over the holes in the flute; this makes it easier to completely cover the holes.  Nice functional design touch.
Thank you for this wonderful instrument.  I'm sure I'll be adding to my collection over time.
Tim Land

Dear John,

I have received my flute in the mail today, and let me tell you, it's absolutely beautiful. It came with an energy of its own, and the vibration of my home changed once I removed it from its package. After playing it for about an hour I was overwhelmed with a deep meditative sense of relaxation. It's safe to say that today my journey has begun. The leaves have begun to change here in Connecticut, and on my journey I plan on immersing myself in the wonderful peacefulness of nature, and commune with the great spirit. I will contact you again sometime in the future, but until then, I hope you stay happy, healthy, and peaceful. God bless!
-Jon Ridge DiPiro

Hi John!
Great news: my new flute arrived yesterday and I have to say that it looks unbelievable!

The two types of wood that we chose go very well together and it looks miles better and much more splendid than it does on the photograph. Yellow is my favorite color and I can't stop looking at it! It's a bit heavier than the other two flutes that we have and I already tried to play a couple of melodies. The sound is simply sublime! It's very soothing and calm.
Thank you once again for your wonderful work and I'm sure that it'll only keep getting better over the years!

Thanks once again!

Hi John,

Got the backpacker this morning!  Can’t believe it - ordered Thrs and received it across the country by Sat.
All I can say is wow.  The bubinga is spectacular and I love the grain pattern and color.  The finish is perfect.  
I started “walking” the keys up and down, and really within 30 mins or so I was able to put a small melody together.  By no means would I call it a song, but my wife actually said… “that sounded great honey”!  I am now seeing what you said all along - the flute is intuitive and let it play itself.  
All that said, I had a hard time putting it down.  I feel relaxed and a peace.  There must be something to the 432 hz tuning for sure.
Once again, thanks John for your work of art.
Stay well,

John, just wanted you to know my flute arrived safely in Australia today. It is exactly as I pictured it and you should be proud that you can craft such a thing of beauty. The sound quality is perfect and I know I am going to enjoy learning to play, I feel like I am making music already and all I have done is practice scales! Thank you so much.

Hey John, I got your flute on Thursday and there is only one problem. I may not play my other flutes much at all. love your flute.

Hello again!

I want you to know how much I appreciate your skill and spirit that you put into your flutes.  You've probably heard this many times over. I'm amazed at the craftmanship and beautiful tone of this flute.  You were right with your advice about the key of F. This key resonates peace when I play.  I'm not that good yet but I still love every note from this flute.  Thank you so much!

Warmest Regards,

John thx for the Flute - you cant imagine how joyously happy I was to receive it. I am not often so nowadays :) This was a Cherry and Santos Mahogany flute. I loved that it was delivered so unexpectedly quickly and that it was in a hand written addressed box.
Its beautiful and it sounds soooo good.
I am fairly new to flutes - someone gave me an Odel flute about a year ago and I like - but I have never loved it.
I am going to make a flute and before I even thought of buying a flute from you, I bought a beautiful block of red juniper wood with the bore and sound hole and slow chamber already machined. I dont have the skills or the time yet to do the whole thing but seeing your work I am truly inspired. I know what I make will be unique and not a copy in any sense. Its funny I came across your website while I was studying flute keys and hole patterns etc. I immediately resonated with your designs and your presentation. With a little encouragment from my wife it became clear that I was destined to connect myself to you.
Thanks so much !!

I just received the flute on Friday! I gave it to my boyfriend as a birthday gift and he LOVES it! This flute does not even compare to his old one from Arizona. The sound is amazing and so is the craftsmanship. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Hello John, today I went to get the flute to my mailbox, I am very pleased and grateful for such a fabulous flute, since I have it in my hands I'm playing with it is fabulous in every way, I'm very happy of this beautiful flute of Love to fill my home and my family. Thank you very much again for this wonderful work of art that I have in my hands.
Eternally Grateful

Infinite Blessings! .

I just wanted to let you know the flute arrived safe and sound. It is everything I hoped for and more. After months of visiting your site every day pondering, wishing, and drooling, I’m glad I finally took the plunge. I hope to dramatically improve my playing skills in order to do it justice. I am honored to own it.
Hoping you and yours have a happy and blessed holiday season.
Many Thanks!

John, both you and Ancient Territories are the greatest....   my flute arrived today and is beautiful and very fast shipping.   I researched many flute sites before deciding on yours and I'm now convinced my decision was the correct one....   all I need to do now is call you to order a felt case since I forgot to order one with my Flute.

Hi John,
Just a note to let you know I received my flutes today....tnx so much! I must express my delight....they are beautiful!! And my first notes sound wonderful......they truly are a work of art! I look forward to future purchases. Am listening to the new CD by Memo.....a tribute to you and your flutes....again...beautiful!!


Hi John,

The flutes arrived safely today. I am truly speechless in trying to relay how special your flutes are. I played the cherry flute briefly since it needs to be saved for my friend's birthday present.

I have been playing my walnut/ph heart flute and it feels like it has a soul of its own. You can hear and feel the voice of the past and present...it is timeless. And the warble is beautiful.

When I was studying for my Master's degree in fine art, I asked our Dean, who is a gifted, well educated artist, why a particular piece of art can withstand centuries of time and still have an impact on people generations later...he said that he believed that the artist is "at one" with the tools that he chooses...the artist, the tools, and the subject are all in sync.

John, I think what you are creating is what my teaching was describing.

Thank you again,

Hi John!!!! My E Bubinga flute arrive yesterday!!!!! I´m really impressed with it, its sound, the wood, the construction... I´m playing it carefully, because is new, a new climate for her. The sound really is complex, cristal, profound, sonoric, I see I have to learn slowly, step by step a lot of possibilities she offers. I want to thank you for this wonderful, sure now is a new member of my family, yesteray with my wife we were enjoying she. Ok, now you know that from here, at the "heart" of South América, there is a beautiful sound singing from your hands. Thanks, blessings to you!!!!!

Dear friend John... I just open up the box she is exquisite... I can feel your heart soul and many spirits in this 1 for sure. ...thank you for the honor and the opportunity... She really is special and reflects that kind and gentle side of you...thank you again and I truly feel honored... Her voice is more than magnificent because of all the complex layers involved... Much light to you gentle spirit... Kim

The new flute arrived today.  It is more beautiful then the picture could show.   The tone is amazing.  I played for friends and their words were smooth and flowing.  It made me realize just how bad my old flea market flute was.  I love my new flute.  Thank you so much.

John, Thank you so much for helping me make a great flute selection. It arrived earlier this week just as you said it would, and words cannot express how much I am enjoying this wonderful instrument. It feels so good in my hands, that even when I am done playing, I can't stop holding and looking at it. The clarity of the notes are so bright and true. I was able to initially play a chromatic scale, hitting each and every note clearly. I can really appreciate the craftsmanship and care you put into each and every flute ~ from the selection of the wood, through all of the steps to produce such and exquisite, final quality product that is not only beautiful to look at, but FUN to play. My sister is enjoying her F# flute as well and we refer to you as the flute doctor as your instruments have restored a sense of balance and harmony to our lives. We jokingly say to each other, "Blow two notes and call me in the morning!" for anything that ails you. Now that's an excellent prescription. Sincerely, Mri L

P.S. The brochure was a wealth of information. Thank you again. I will be back for more!

Came very late last night.  Have played it for about 30 minutes today.  This is physically a beautiful flute, but more important it's easy to play and sounds tremendous.  This was a replacement for my first flute, a popular, commercially made flute that I though sounded nice but almost turned me off because of its narrow abilities.  Granted I'm a little better now, but after playing your flute I can see that many of my early challenges were not mine, but the flutes.  Bottom line is I can't tell you how pleased I am with your flute.  If I was still stuck in the 60's I would say far freakin' out, but I will leave it with a comment my 14 year old niece made - awesome!

Hi John. My flute arrived yesterday, and boy, what can I say. The universe has answered and brought me my medicine. A stunning piece of workmanship. I can clearly see how much pride and love goes into crafting these beautiful instruments. The colours and tonal qualities are out of this world. I look forward to many wonderful moments with my flute and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only coming into my life at this time, but also for the joy and happiness you are bringing all those who come your way. I look forward to keeping in touch with you. I would truly love to be able to meet you and shake your hand.

Yours Respectfully,  Simon

I received my flute today and it is absolutely beautiful!  It is so far from what I expected, and even as a beginner, I am already producing wonderful sounds from this flute.  I have longed for the ability to play one of these as I think the music is just so peaceful and comforting.  Your craftsmanship is amazing and  I am thoroughly pleased with this gorgeous flute!


I received my custom made flute from you today and would like to say it has spectacular looks, great craftsmanship and excellent tone. I believe these are the core of your flutes. I’ve honestly loved the way this instrument shows just as much as the way it plays. It’s awesome-looking, awesome-sounding, and holds the type of perfection in craftsmanship I’ve learned to expect from a John Stillwell flute. Anyone will probably get a bit spoiled after owning one of your flutes.

Flute received and I can not put the thing down.  Music has been an untouchable skill for me for some time.  Keeping it simple with the pentatonic makes life easy and I will play this thing after biking or hiking out into the middle of the woods.  On the technical side, your tuning is letting me explore the ridiculous range of this instrument through half-hole trickery which lets me try my hand at playing some favorite tunes.

Dear Mr. Stillwell,
I just wanted to write and let you know that I received my flute from you today. WOW....it is truly amazing. Even for what you may consider the low end flute, it is more then I imagined. I played it for an hour to slowly welcome it to our home, and the sound is.....soothing, wonderful, uplifting, meditative, outstanding. What words I use just don't seem to capture the beauty. I just wanted to thank you and say your work far surpassed my expectations. Why I have waited so long to pursue this music I love so much, I don't know. But I have begun!!!
Thank you.

Hi John,

This morning I got the flute!
I have to tell that it's one of the most beautiful flutes I've ever seen, but the thing that amazed me more is the sound quality, simply awesome.
I play NAFs from 8 years now, but living in Italy is always difficult to know the sound quality of the flutes you see on the web and which makers are the best. To buy a musical instrument from internet, without can play it it's always a risk. In these years I bought quite good flutes but also mediocre flutes, but at least now it seems I've found the maker right for me.
I hope to be able to buy other flutes soon, and I look forward to see more flutes in your website.
Thanks for allowing me to buy this work of art.
I have well received the flute and I want to thanks you for this great
work and craft. she's very beautiful and sound very powerful. it's a
real pleasure to play with it, sweet and easy.
thanks again for your work Mr Stillwell.

I received the flute this morning and "WOW" was all I said.  Once I played the flute it made me even more amazed at how good the sound quality was.  I have bought other flutes from different makers but I have to say that yours is the loudest and has the best sound.  I will be back to order another flute from you.  At first I was hesitant to order because of the price. I have never paid that much for a flute before but I know now that you get what you pay for. 
Thanks again,

Hello John, Just received the Beautiful Wenge and Zebrawood Flute today and The Beauty of the Craftsmanship and the Voice of this Flute literally brought Tears to my Eyes and a Warm Feeling in my Heart. Thank You Brother for this Wonderful Piece of Art. I know it will bring many Blessed Memories for my Spirit to enjoy and will allow me to Make a "Joyful Noise" to My Creator. Many Blessings...Robert Mullinax

Hi John, I just received flutes and CD now. The flute tone is 
wonderful. I'll enjoy flute practice everyday. Thank you very much.  

Dear John:
The Flute arrived a couple of hours ago - safe and sound.  And what sound!  It's really beautiful and I am very very happy with it.  I am really surprised at what a difference it makes to have the finger board flattened instead of the usual round flute design.  It is much easier and more comfortable to finger than my other flutes.  I can soar with it, effortlessly.   The tuning is excellent.  Back pressure is perfect.  The best way for me to describe it is that I feel blessed by it. 
Thank you so very much. 

Dear John, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you have done, and all the work that goes into making a flute. I visit your web site often and listen to some of the albums and I read it front to back over and over agin trying to gain some insight into playing the flute. With every passing moment of everyday I find the flute magical and what a stress reliever it is. Thanks Again for a GREAT JOB WELL DONE!

HiJohn, the flute arrived today, thank you so much for helping me realize my dream of three years, it is the most beautiful piece of artwork I have ever purchased! I can't wait to break it in thanks for all you've done and for this wonderful creation.


Hello John,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful flutes, I have been playing them ever since they arrived, the sound is beautiful and so are the flutes. Thank you very much.

Just a quickie to let you know I received my flute yesterday (just in time for the weekend)! It is beautiful and appears just as it did in the photo that you advertise on your site. In this day of rip-offs and false advertisement it was a most pleasant experience to receive just what I ordered! Thanks and I appreciate you.


Hello John, flute made me very happy, it was exactly what I wanted, I work on healing with sacred plants of India, in the sessions we played different instruments, and the flute is going great, it's a beautiful sound, that takes you deep very nice places, makes me play the flute very well, I'm sure I chose the best place to buy my first flute, just recently I was reading your page and I like the bond you have with the instrument, thank you very much for everything, we are contact, I hope you're well, a hug.

“John's craftsmanship is incredible. Everytime I play my Stillwell flute in public, folks have to come up to look closely at the construction of the instrument. Folks are always amazed to see the detail. The unique design of this flute is very comfortable in your hands, making it a joy to play."


“John Stillwell's flutes are among the most sweetly voiced and beautifully made flutes that I have played. They are uniquely designed and artfully crafted - each one is a joy to play.
They are always in my gig bag."


“I received the flute you sent me yesterday afternoon. I cannot believe the difference in not only the appearance and feel, but the sound quality of this flute! It is so awesome! The flute is so responsive, the tone is strong and clear,it makes my other one look, feel, and sound like a toy! I kept breaking out into a smile when I was playing it and my kids were watching and grinning "Daddy's happy!" I am. The stretch on the E took a few seconds to work out and I'll occasionally duff the fundamental, but I should have it down cold soon.Thank you so much for your professionalism in the business transaction and your craftsmanship in the construction of the flute (and the special bird, it looks great!). I am just beside myself with joy! You have definitely got my business when I order my next flute (which will probably be soon, they are so addicting!)”

p.s. The song that I wanted to play along with is "Sun" from Burning Sky's album "Creation". The flute you made was in perfect pitch!


"I just received the flute and it's beautiful!!!!!! I loved all the cool and unique features on it, and it seems to be wonderfully in pitch... Thank you SO much! And I'm glad Vince showed me your flute! What I would appreciate, is a stack of business cards. I let my students try flutes and then they take cards and order flutes from makers whose flutes they have played in my music room. Thank you again for your gift of song!!"


"I've been enjoying playing the flute I got from you, really enjoying it's tone and note bending capabilities. I have yet to wet the flute out, so I must conclude that your wet out prevention system works. ... Well, here is the $100 that I owe you to pay off my flute. Thanks for cutting me a good deal. I will be sure to show it off, especially since it's such an eye catcher. "


“I Like the full-bodies tonal qualityof my John Stillwell flute. It is finely crafted and easy to play. The turtle fetish and turquise bead is both simple and elegant. I appreciate the time John spent in helping me get use dto my new flute and his availabiliy when I had questions to ask."


 “John's flutes are as gorgeous in sound quality as they are beautiful to look at. His innovative flute style and artistic craftsmanship, makes John's flutes a must have in any serious flute players collection. As a performing artist, I am very selective about the flutes I own. I must be able to trust the sound that comes out of them. The beauty of John's flutes is what attracted me to them, but more importantly, the sound quality is what hooked me on his flutes. I own three and look forward to having many more in my collection.”


“I was lucky to win one of John's flutes on ebay. I bid on it just because of what he said on one of the listserv I belong to and seeing pictures of flute on ebay. When it arrived I was in awe, not only did it sound beautiful it looked awesome also. Very unique design, triangular type bore with vee cut inlays. The finish on it is unbelievably shiny, it literally shines and is almost translucent. I would recommend his flutes to anyone. They are of the highest quality and backed by his personal guarantee. Thanks John for creating such I flute that I treasure.”


“I recently added a flute of John Stillwell's to my collection. Not only is the combination of woods a feast for the eyes, but the tone of this F# minor flute is amazing. It can be played loudly or quietly; it is easy to find the half steps; and the tuning is impeccable. The sound is both resonant and brilliant and has inspired my playing to a new level. When I choose a flute to take with me, I readily reach for John's flute. Thank you. I'm just about ready for another!”