“The flute arrived safely this morning! WOW.. Your work is beyond words! Truly beautiful and the engineering you have put into is incredible. This is definitely not your average flute. I have about 35 or so flutes and I have some nice ones that makers have put alot of energy and effort into but this one is in a class by itself. I lost count cause I do gift some from time to time to help someone go on their flute journey. The different woods compliment each other and are definitely put together like a fine piece of furniture. And the voice...It is right on too! Very good voice........one that you can bear down on if you want to and one that will whisper if you need to !. And I have only explored this incredible instrument for a little bit !!
I usually swab my flutes down a little after playing.... removing the bird and just swabbing inside out a little ....nothing drastic. Is it OK to run a pipe cleaner from the drain hole through the mouthpiece? That is a solid piece of metal through there? WOW man this flute is something!
Mark had told me that his flute from you was fast becoming his favorite and I can see why!! Again thanks! You have taking flute making to another level ! Blessings!”