Snow capped trees near John's workshop in Joshua Tree National Forest
John Stillwell making a native american style flute
Native American Style Flutes By
John Stillwell

Welcome to Ancient Territories
a Place Where Spirit Takes Form

My name is John Stillwell and I am a maker of Native American style flutes.

The Native American style flute is also called the Love flute, Indian flute or American Indian flute.

Please relax and take a little time to look around my website. It is filled with useful information.

Here you will also find a selection of Native American Style Flutes for sale. They are available for immediate delivery.

Where Spirit Takes Form

By spirit I mean that power which the Native American peoples called the Great Spirit. It is that power that I strive to keep in my awareness and express in my craft as I make Native American style flutes for you. Every item that I make - whether a flute, a flute bag, a flute stand, a fetish or totem - is made with you, the Love flute player, in mind.

Learn About Your Native American Style Flute
General Information
The Wood
How Flutes Are Made
How To Play Your Flute
History of the Native American Style Flute
History of the Native American Style Flute
Flute Key Sound Samples
Flute Key Sound Samples
Hardwood Vs. Softwood
Hardwood Vs. Softwood
Making Your Flute
Making Your Flute
The Process
The Process
Factors Effecting Tonal Quality
Factors Effecting Tonal Quality
Playing The Love Flute
Playing The Love Flute
  • John,
    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I did receive the flute and love it!
    I love everything about it: the finish, the smell, most importantly, the tone. What a difference F# is from E in tone and handling.
    I have named it Little Sister Wind, as it is the little sister to the E I have from you.
    Thank you so very much for your craftmanship. I believe it is the highest quality available.
    Best regards,

  • Dear John -
    Just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the Turtle Island Flute. I don’t even know how to express my appreciation of the quality, sound and craftsmanship with words. It is a masterfully crafted instrument. My dad and I have both been playing High Spirits Flutes for quite awhile and what a step up this was.

    Michael Shoaf
  • Hi John,
    I received my flute yesterday. It is a truest beautiful instrument. The curl of the wood especially in the light is stunning. The key of E minor is just right, I can play the higher notes on the flute and the pitch is not so piercing to me. The best part is that I can play as long as I want with no deterioration of the sound (hooray). I am very happy and I appreciate all your help.
    Many Thanks,

  • Hello John,
    What a surprise to receive my flute today! I didn’t realize she was ready to go !
    I am astonished not only by the amazing beauty of your workmanship but her sound is over the moon !!!
    Thank you so much for this work of art. I know I will have so much joy getting to know her as I learn more and more about these wonderful instruments.
    What is the Turtle made of? Did you carve her? She is also beautiful.
    It must be a nice feeling knowing that something you have put so much thought, expertise, time and energy into it’s creation is going to bring a whole lot of joy to many, many people - for generations to come.
    I’ll be back for more.
    Peace & gratitude to you,

  • Hi John,
    I had the honor of playing TAPS on your Zebrawood flute in G today at my Dad’s funeral. He died at 102 of COVID and was a WWll veteran.
    I took up the NAF during this pandemic and now have four of your wonderful flutes. At a young-at-heart 75, I’m enjoying playing the beautiful flutes that you put so much skill into.
    Wishing you well,

    Bruce Hogshead
  • Hello John,
    After purchasing a F minor Craftsman flute from you I found that I wasn’t happy with the key and was frustrated with wet out. You graciously took back the F minor flute and refunded my money. I then purchased an E minor Craftsman flute (curly maple and leopard wood) with wet out protection. The flute sounds and looks beautiful and the best part is that I can play as long as I want without wet out issues (how wonderful). The key of E minor is just right for me. You told me that the flute would be a little bit of a challenge to play and you were right it is but I’m getting better (less air leaks) and when I play and have no leaks the flute sounds fantastic. I just wanted to Thank You again and let you know I’m a very happy with this flute. Hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

    Ed Mc

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