Hi John,
I received the flute yesterday and have been very pleased with the fine craftsmanship and tonal quality of this instrument.  The voice is very strong, much more so than the 'D' flute I've been playing.  The notes, particularly in the upper half of the flute's range are pure and penetrating.  Other than the desire to add some additional reverb in a performance setting, I don't think this flute would ever require artificial amplification.
I've played it for over 30 minutes at a time without a break, with no 'wet out' problems; with my 'D' flute, I'm lucky if I can make it past 10 minutes without the need to purge the accumulated moisture under the fetish.
I also noticed that I actually have to work pretty hard with my breathing to overblow on this flute; it has a very nice, continuous dynamic range.  Again, with my 'D' flute, I have to be quite careful in the lower range not to over blow, else I end up in another register (most unpleasant surprise... :-)
I also like the flattened areas over the holes in the flute; this makes it easier to completely cover the holes.  Nice functional design touch.
Thank you for this wonderful instrument.  I'm sure I'll be adding to my collection over time.
Tim Land