Dear John,
the flute has just arrived! I opened the box slowly and carefully, picked the fulte up with respect and just looked at it for a couple of minutes. Absolutely beautiful. I was too excited to play the first note, and when I did the sweetest sound I've ever heard came out, I played for a couple of seconds and literally tears welled up in my eyes and I had to let you know immediately that I'm so happy right now. I will cherish this beautiful work of art till the rest of my life. I mean this sound is really something special, so soothing, so natural. Thank you for everything. Oh, yeah, your letter is great:) Reading it really felt like we were on an adventure in South America together. Imagine finding this marvelous instrument at a flea market:))))

So, as far as the care for the flute is concerned, I should remove the bird block, every time I finish playing?

So excited, I'mma go and play some more now. Have a wonderful day.