Hey John,

My flute came in today! I really appreciate the super fast customer support and shipping!  The flute is simply amazing.  Your craftsmanship is top notch, This flute looks incredible (and its true, your choice in walnut surely has character). I cannot believe how incredibly intuitive this instrument is to play.  I have tried a few wind instruments before without much luck and have primarily kept to strings.  I read through the supplied pamphlet before I started playing, and the info you provide is all you need to start making music!  I've never played anything that so easily expresses what is flowing within.  It sounds amazing, you can really feel the flute resonate, almost within yourself.  The tonal quality is superb throughout the volume range which I absolutely love (having come from needing to crank the tubes on the guitar rig to get "sweet spot).  I am completely blown away (pun intended) and I look forward to taking this flute on many adventures down the road. 
 Thank you John and keep doing great things!