John thx for the Flute - you cant imagine how joyously happy I was to receive it. I am not often so nowadays :) This was a Cherry and Santos Mahogany flute. I loved that it was delivered so unexpectedly quickly and that it was in a hand written addressed box.
Its beautiful and it sounds soooo good.
I am fairly new to flutes - someone gave me an Odel flute about a year ago and I like - but I have never loved it.
I am going to make a flute and before I even thought of buying a flute from you, I bought a beautiful block of red juniper wood with the bore and sound hole and slow chamber already machined. I dont have the skills or the time yet to do the whole thing but seeing your work I am truly inspired. I know what I make will be unique and not a copy in any sense. Its funny I came across your website while I was studying flute keys and hole patterns etc. I immediately resonated with your designs and your presentation. With a little encouragment from my wife it became clear that I was destined to connect myself to you.
Thanks so much !!