Hi John,

The flutes arrived safely today. I am truly speechless in trying to relay how special your flutes are. I played the cherry flute briefly since it needs to be saved for my friend's birthday present.

I have been playing my walnut/ph heart flute and it feels like it has a soul of its own. You can hear and feel the voice of the past and present...it is timeless. And the warble is beautiful.

When I was studying for my Master's degree in fine art, I asked our Dean, who is a gifted, well educated artist, why a particular piece of art can withstand centuries of time and still have an impact on people generations later...he said that he believed that the artist is "at one" with the tools that he chooses...the artist, the tools, and the subject are all in sync.

John, I think what you are creating is what my teaching was describing.

Thank you again,