“I received the flute you sent me yesterday afternoon. I cannot believe the difference in not only the appearance and feel, but the sound quality of this flute! It is so awesome! The flute is so responsive, the tone is strong and clear,it makes my other one look, feel, and sound like a toy! I kept breaking out into a smile when I was playing it and my kids were watching and grinning "Daddy's happy!" I am. The stretch on the E took a few seconds to work out and I'll occasionally duff the fundamental, but I should have it down cold soon.Thank you so much for your professionalism in the business transaction and your craftsmanship in the construction of the flute (and the special bird, it looks great!). I am just beside myself with joy! You have definitely got my business when I order my next flute (which will probably be soon, they are so addicting!)”

p.s. The song that I wanted to play along with is "Sun" from Burning Sky's album "Creation". The flute you made was in perfect pitch!