Flute Bags

A Protective Bag for Your Love Flute

Fleece Flute Bag

Every Native American style flute should have a protective bag or case of some kind if you are going to be carrying it around.

Below is the range of Flute Bags I sell.

If you would like any advice on choosing the best flute Bag for you then please feel free to contact me.


For light use I recommend these flute bags made by my wife Cathy Stillwell.

These Love flute bags are made of a thick acrylic fleece. They will provide good protection for your flute. They have a fold over top and tie. I size the bags to fit your individual flute. The fabric designs are Native American inspired.

Shipping Fee Information

For customers who wish to purchase a Fleece Flute Bag separately, please select the $20 option. I charge this fee as I would make a loss if I shipped this bag separately for $15.

Shipping is free for customers who purchase one of these bags with a flute. In this case please choose the $15 option.

Fleece Flute Bags

Fleece Flute Bags

Material: Thick Acrylic Fleece


(if purchasing with a flute)


(if purchasing separately)