Music Links

There is a host of wonderful flute music bringing joy to the world. I have tried to put together a listing of links to the musicians and music with which I am personally familiar. If you are a Native American flute-recording artist and you do not find yourself on this list contact me. I would like to get to know you and have a chance to listen to your music.

Scott August. How can I describe Scott in words of praise that have not already been sung? He is one of the greats of Native American flute music. Scott has a professional music background that he applies to crafting tunes of exquisite beauty. If you don’t already own one of his CDs make it your next purchase.

Steve Rushingwind and Michael Mucklow have teamed up to produce a CD that I personally find most enjoyable. Pure, haunting compositions of flute and guitar that reflect the Native American tradition. You will want to add their Ancient Elements CD to your collection.

Memo aka Bill Leyden has produced numerous wonderful CDs of Native American flute music. Memo comes from the Four Winds Peruvian shaman tradition and his music reflects that nuances of the spiritual quest. Memo’s recordings are the essence of pure flute music with little embellishment. As a flute player you can learn much from a careful examination of any one of his albums. I especially like Ancient Territories and Peace Be Still.

Mary Youngblood is the unofficial Queen of the Northern California flute world. Mary is a native woman of great grace and substance. Her flute music has garnered her worldwide recognition and acclaim. Mary is a two time Grammy wining recording artist. Her CD Under the Raven Moon is a must have. In fact you will eventually want to own every one of her CDs – I do.

Marc Dorsa is a musician working with guitar-like stringed instruments. He also plays the Native American flute. Marc has a wonderful album called Twilight’s Path that is a soothing, pure instrumental journey into the realm of joy and relaxation.

Jonny Lipford is a young Native American flute-recording artist. Although he has not been on the scene as long as some of the other professionals his music is fast gaining recognition.  When first introduced to Jonny’s work I was impressed by the depth and sophistication of his compositions. His flute playing is instantly recognizable from the depths of your soul.  Jonny, you were born to play.

Vince Chafin is a performer, teacher, healer and great flute player. He also plays guitar and several other instruments. His album Prana deserves a place in you library of great Love flute music. If you ever hear that Vince is playing at a venue near you make sure to go.

Flute Circles

Flute circles are groups of people who have gathered together to share their love of the Native American flute. Some are more organized than others but all are wonderful places to learn and share. Here are some links to websites that can help you find a flute circle in your area.

International Native American Flute Association is a resource for finding Love flute circles, teachers, performers and flute makers.

Flute Schools

There are several schools that are organized around teaching students of many levels how to play and improve their playing on the Native American style flute.

Native Flute School is organized by Cling Goss et al and holds workshops in various locations. It is a great experience.

Chiricahuas - The Land of the Apache Is a very nice site with manuals and a series of videos to teach you how to play the flute like a pro without needing any prior musical experience. offers piano lessons at home in Brooklyn and surrounding areas around Nassau & Suffolk Counties as well as in NYC.

Flute Festivals

Flute Festivals are gatherings that feature the exhibition, sale, playing and teaching of the Native American flute. They are a wonderful opportunity to hear new music, get to play on an open mic (if you wish) go to a flute playing lesson and look at and maybe buy a flute or flute related item.

Potomac American Flute Festival

Musical Echoes Flute Festival


Everyone should have a drum in their home. At least I think so. There a lot of good drums out there of every possible type from African tribal to Siberian shaman. A drum, like a flute is something that you are going to take into your heart. Look around and find the one that is right for you.

Karrel Christopher is a very talented artist and her hand painted drums a stunning visually as well as having great tonal quality.

Annie Mathias makes unusual drums out of hollowed out gourds.

Other Links

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