This morning I went out into the desert before dawn. The air was cool with just an edge of crispness. With my flute in my backpack I start off into the hills. In the West the moon is almost full. A faint glow of the coming sun is barely visible in the East. I have moccasins on my feet I walk softly. I feel the body of Mother Earth through the soles.

For several years now I have made it a habit to spend my Sunday mornings alone in the Desert. For me nature is the power of God manifest in physical form. On Sunday morning the world pauses for a moment. There is a palpable relaxation of tension as society takes a pause in its busy schedule. The disturbing sounds of people bustling off to work are absent.

Gradually the light of the magnificent Sun returns to a still sleeping world. The first bird song pierces the stillness of the dawn. A mocking bird announcing his territorial imperative. The air resonates with his thrill of life. Reaching a familiar hilltop I put down my pack and take a long drink of water. I take my flute out of its bag and begin to play.

Off in the distance a civilization is dying. The age of the merchants is ending. They have held us in thrall to their sirens call of material wealth for so long. The age of the mystic-lover is dawning. This new civilization is like a rising Sun. It is now a faint light on the horizon. Our hearts thrill to the promise of a new day.

The Native American flute is a tool that is helping bring about this change. It brings each of us into contact with our true self. Our true self is Love. We are children of light. We are sons and daughters of the Holy power that has brought into being and supports all Life. The Love flute helps bring us into direct contact with that power. Music is part of the very fabric of creation. It is a link to the always-mysterious flow of creative energy that we call the Universe.

With each new player the circle of Love grows. We meet in a place that is without boarders. It is an expanding circle with the larger circle of Life. When we pick up our flutes and play we bring healing harmony into a dissonant society. You and I and everyone who expresses his heart through the Indian flute are emissaries from the Kingdom come.

There is nothing to do. No plans to make or speeches to give. Powers beyond our ability to conceive are flowing through each one of us. Healing and hope for the future are in our music. With our simple songs we send out an invitation to forgive, relax, enjoy and play together.

May the Holy power of the Father – Mother be with you this and every day. May your flute songs sing out healing to a troubled world. May peace reign on Earth.