The expansion of consciousness. The expanding of awareness beyond the self-imposed limits of the socially conditioned mind. Expanding consciousness in order to see new things and experience new feelings. Expanding in order to come in contact with the living wisdom of God as it permeates every atom and every vibrating string of creation. To listen as every vibrating string is humming with love, the love that creates and sustains and guides this manifestation we call life. This manifestation we call earth; that we call heaven, Call it by any names you choose. The meaning is in all ways the same.


No words can never come close to describing life in a way that will bring expanded consciousness into being in a person’s life. They can only point the way. The choice to follow and find is up to the individual. Then the new discovery comes into being in a person’s life spontaneously. And then we, in turn, search for words to describe what we have experienced.

A search for words that will describe what cannot be described. Because words are always just words – sounds that point. In the full realization of this situation some lapse into silence and are, perhaps, never seen or heard from again. Others are fascinated by the different paths and the men and the women walking on those paths. They are fascinated by the challenge of finding words to describe the indescribable. They strive to walk the dharma path wherever it may lead. They strive to use that path as a learning tool. To walk the path of meditation and to live the life of activity and engagement as if they were a hand in a glove.

Experiencing the tantra of life at play. Dancing on the edge of the world, looking out into the stars. Into the stars and the breaking dawn. Realizing and being shaken by the transitory nature of it all. Here, in front of my mortal eyes, caught for an instant of time - Eternity.