Love expresses itself as harmony. Harmony in relationships, in physical form and in sound. When many voices or instruments blend together to create a beautiful sound this sound communicates joy and fulfillment to all who perceive it. When something happens that distorts this harmony then this event darkens and corrupts everything around it - harmony turns to cacophony. We witness in the world around us many such cacophonous phenomena taking place. They result primarily from the thoughts and actions of human beings. We see around us social phenomena that bring pain, distress and alienation into the lives of every man woman and child on this planet.
That part of our collective reality, which we call the economy, has been distorted to the breaking point. And with it everything it affects: health care, education, transportation, trade, government. We must not react to this as a bad thing. It presence is an indication of an evolutionary process at work. It is an indication that we are in a transitional stage. We are witnessing the disintegration and break up of an antiquated order of society. It is a stage that is necessary in order to progress to the next higher stage in social evolution. The disintegration is an expression of harmony re asserting itself. It is a process of historical realignment as the universe reestablishes a harmonious relationship between people and between people and the natural world of which we are all a part. 

We are moving towards a working, co creative relationship wherein all participants share equally. Sharing because we know that we truly give to ourselves in giving to others. Sharing as we do when we play music together. In our collective lust after material forms we forgot this most important principle - love one another. When we love one another we create harmony. Instead of seeking fulfillment and peace in concert with all beings, we threw ourselves at the feet of a false god of our own creation. A god that is referred to in the Bible as mammon.
Instead of thinking and acting for the mutual benefit of ourselves and the world that is our home we took everything we could extract from the world and from others for our own individual satisfaction. In doing this we were attempting to fill our inner emptiness with material objects and selfish experiences of pleasure. In lusting after the power and wealth of material reality we have created a disruptive, cacophonous situation.  There is extravagant wealth for only a few individuals at the expense of the rest of the whole. 
The wealth of the world, when shared equitably, can provide abundance for all. We whose eyes and ears are being opened stand witness to the degrading inequalities in society and in the environment around us. We witness that this disintegration is taking place at an accelerated pace. We can see this as a phenomena that will eventually bring all of creation back into a harmonious relationship with all of its parts. 
But being here on earth at this time presents many challenges. We need to cultivate great strength and flexibility to face the challenges of the time and place. What does not adapt and contribute to the solution will perish. What does not strive forward will fall behind.

The sun has moved another few degrees South since I was here Wednesday morning.  The full moon descends towards the horizon in its ever-progressing journey across the skyline of my life. Storms come and go, and the rainbow of peace follows the storm. I may not live to see that rainbow in its full glory, but it is a constant presence in my inner vision. It calls you and me to action. We have a contribution to make to this process of realignment. We are not here as simple observers and we cannot afford the luxury of freezing up with fear and dismay in the face of what may seem to be overwhelming obstacles. The fear of failure and loss is a distortion in our own hearts and minds.
The human body itself is just a temporary affair that spiritual warriors are ready to lay down at any time knowing that life does not end when the physical body begins its journey back into stardust from which it came. We are a focus of conscious energy. We have been sent out by that great power of which we are all a part to become servants in these material fields of our lord. We cannot allow ourselves to be crippled by fear because it would hamper our ability to serve. 
For most of us - for myself - relinquishing fear is part of a process that takes time. Fear does not lend itself to being wished away. The ego related programs that foster fear are rooted deep in the fundamental patterns that we picked up as a consequence of our entry into form. 
The sun rises as the moon slides inexorably toward the horizon. The snow on the mountaintop catches the first rays and reflects the orange tinged hue of the rising early morning sun. Shadows begin to define themselves across the land. The first warm rays of radiant energy melt into the skin of my face. The cold, freezing air surrounding me causes my fingers to experience that physical sensation we call pain. Cold hurts. That's the word we use to describe that tingling alarm signal. My body is being chilled below the comfort level. The signal says I am in the danger zone. Nothing to fear there - I’m prepared.