How long will the sun stay hidden behind that bank of clouds on the horizon? Will the sun rise above the clouds? Or will the clouds disappear? An unclouded sun will make it to hot to stay out in the desert.


Thank you for the house that provides me with shelter from the burning sun. Thank you for the wondrous people in my life. Thank you for the fellow beings with whom I share my life - my dog Honey, my son's dog Merlin, my wife’s cat Blue, my daughters two horses, Sheba and Rio. Here I stand by the grace of God, and that bank of clouds shading me from the sun. The sun is already five degrees high in the morning sky.


Perhaps the clouds will expand and cover the sky, buying me more time to wander in the desert. Or perhaps the clouds will recede and dissipate, leaving the sun as the soul object in the turquoise blue ocean of the sky. The Sun King beating on the anvil of the earth below with all his strength. His radiant energy driving me into my shelter as with all the other inhabitants of the desert.


There we will wait in the shade for the approach of night to bring us scurrying out again, out into the cool, soft, lovely night. When the deserts inhabitants come out to work and play, foraging and hunting, fighting and mating, living their nocturnal lives out of mans steely gaze.


I can feel the anticipation of the ending of summer stirring in my bones, far bellow my weary thoughts. The approaching fall, coolly seeping through those last clouded rays of the Summer sun.


Yet for now a new day of glorious adventure is dawning just for me. Ahh the shades of blue and gold in the sunrise - the optimism of a brand new day. The rainbow rayed sun, shedding life in the form of light onto the world. Sun, oh great, mighty, sacrificial one. Sun burning hot and bright that we might see and live under thee for all our days here on earth.