Mr. Coyote, I can hear him in the near distance - he's yipping' and yapping'. He's not chasing anything; he sounds like he’s talking to himself. This is a feat that only humans, and a few animals are capable of. Mr. Coyote is going on and on as I'm walking down this dirt track running through the desert. I'm wondering what's going on in his head. I keep my eyes open - because the sounds are getting closer and I would like to meet my Coyote friend, desert wanderer, and self-examiner. I'm watching, and then sure enough he comes around the corner not too far away, maybe 50 yards. Mr. Coyote is wagging his head side to side and yipping' to himself. Just like a person who'd gotten pissed off at missing a shot in a critical game.

So I think 'how long is it going to take this guy to realize that he's walking straight into the arms of a human being?' Not that I'm going to do anything bad to Mr. Coyote. But I don't want to blow his mind either. So I keep walking and watching, walking quietly in my moccasins. He doesn't hear me, or anything. His eyes are turned inward, examining the material that he was reviewing in his mind - the way people do sometimes, to excess actually.

He's like a comic on stage, he's talking to himself real fierce, his head going from side to side as he picks up both characters. The best I can understand of what he's saying is "I missed that rabbit, I had him and I missed him. And I missed him because my foot slipped; I missed him because I was trying to get two steps ahead of him instead of just one. Thinking too many moves ahead and then losing track of the now. Then Mr. Rabbit runs off and I start walking down some dirt road with an empty stomach."

Then he looks up and sees me. Of course he's got that semi mind blown holy shit I'm suspended over the hole that leads to hell and my next second on earth may be my last as a bullet pierces my flesh look on his face. Then all in the same process of a split second as he scopes the thing that's standing in front of him out, he sees it doesn't have a gun in its hand. So immediately he's like chilled behind that - because he knows that he won't get hurt now, he's too fast. He takes a hard look at this guy standing in the road.

So Mr. Coyote takes a look, not very interested in me. Except I catch a little whiff of embarrassment on his part. He's been caught with his pants down admitting to some flaw in his character in front of a complete stranger. This is something that he would never ever do with another pack member. With his friends he puts on his favorite front and nobody knows his inner workings and feelings. This is because he's holding onto his position as number one dog. And you don't stay on top by being stupid. Or by behaving in ways that other people may perceive to be stupid. If you do then you can get kicked down the hierarchy of respect.

Mr. Coyote, taking his time, shifts off to my left into the desert. I don't chase him and I don't vibe on him. I'm just happy to be alive. To be alive and to have witnessed the similarities, the glory of the Creation, manifesting in these diverse forms. Animals like ourselves, plants, the air, the spirits who give life to every speck of that stuff including what we call dark matter and dark energy. Stuff about which we know practically nothing! No words were ever truer spoken than these. We know practically nothing. We walk around pretending that we're the greatest thing God ever made - we're a human being. Yippee!

We can do this because we have forgotten that everything is the greatest thing that God has ever made. And everything is expressing itself to the fullest in complete harmony. A dynamic dance of energetic interchange in which all are equals. Brothers and sisters with the same inner purpose. Enjoy

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