A raindrop sliding down the windowpane. A few snowflakes drifting in the morning air. The moss on the rock outside my window transformed overnight from black to emerald green. Time passing without pressure or direction. Remember? Remember the magical space/time of childhood? When we were suspended in a spell of wonder. Time without limit or direction. Sufficient unto itself in every way.

We can capture again that feeling when we play with our Native American flute. Play like a child for the simple enjoyment of it. Because it is there and we are there. There is always time for us to enjoy. Time enough for everything. Time enough for Love. Time enough to relish life and the treasures it reveals with every falling raindrop.

To be a fisher in the sea of life requires patience. Calmly waiting for inspiration to surface into life. In the meantime we can gaze out at the sea. The endless sea of life spread before and around us as we journey in our little boat. We can feel the wind in our hair. And feel the heaving ocean carrying us forward on a journey without end.

We have our Love flute with us in our boat. We can play any time we want. Native American style flute music is the music of the sky and the winds and the sea. It flows through us without effort and shows the way. The timeless Way that always Is.