I’m just trying to get a grip on it. So much is happening, wife and kids, friends and business. My son Robert and all the things that are going on in Robert's life. Serena, and the wonderful things that are going on in Serena's life. My relationship with Cathy my wife. To be perfectly aware of her needs, attuned to her so that I interact to the best of my ability as a friend and a grateful companion.
And my Native American style flute business and all the wonderful people coming and going in my life, getting new flutes, having flutes repaired, sending emails and answering questions. I'm occupied dawn to dusk with this stream of happenings. Situations that need to be addressed, questions and conversation that needs to be taken part in.

But then there are the morning walks, when I can put on my moccasins, get my water bottle, set out across the street and then straight into the most glorious landscape on the Planet Earth. Broken ancient granite rocks a hundred million years old jutting out of the earth like the bones of dinosaurs. Glimpses of a snow capped mountain so blissfully near with its shining white cap, and yet so gratefully far with its freezing winds that don't reach me here in the desert.

My young Springer spaniel Merlin (Honey is laid up with a bad shoulder) racing across the landscape. Seeing him is like watching the most incredibly talented ballerina dancing across the worlds most intricate and exquisitely designed playground as he bounds and leaps over the rocks. A young spirit completely in harmony with itself, and enjoying the experience of life on a planet we call Earth.
Up into the broken rocks now, stepping from one to another - perfect balance.

What an experience, Avatar times a thousand, a thousand thousand. 3D real life adventure in the most beautiful of all worlds called Planet Earth. In the midst of that timelessness we call Creation. Incarnated into intimate close association with a physical body of glorious proportions and abilities. Abilities as yet unexplored by man. And in this body I stride across the desert on my moccasined feet feeling this Being, monstrous, unbelievable, mothering, gentle, loving, dynamic, self sustaining, almost immortal....almost immortal. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of years of life continuously exploring and unfolding into a new dimension called time.

And to realize that in the midst of my everyday world I often lose track of the significance of time and get caught up in my petty worries about my business, about the situation with my family and others. The great other, the outside world, the Pinda world as my teacher called it.

The human world of illusion, the passing dream-like world of mans own mind. So that world exists. It goes on. But it is outside the confines of what is True and Holy. The human world, an insane manifestation of ego and greed coupled together bringing destruction to all the other life forms on earth - suffering and destruction. The human minds own manifestation of what we call, somewhat ambiguously, reality.
But this human reality is not in line with what makes possible a harmonious, fruitful, cooperative, collaborative, co creative manifestation of thought and action that we call Love. The love that is evident in every bush and tree and bird and animal and everything down to the most minute life form that is spontaneously graciously embracing the opportunity to manifest itself as a part of an evolving dimension.

Man long ago separated himself from that Eden and walked a path of mind centered, social creativity. A creativity involving patterns of interactive behavior and thought that manifests as the human derived world around us. It is embodied in the actions and creations of our fellow human beings.

I must accept it for what it is without judgment or despair, or anger, or even confusion and reaction. This human creation is perfectly obvious, it doesn't try and hide itself in fact it extols itself through every possible means available. The great and glorious creation of man. The wonderful world of what is called capitalism and somewhat disingenuously called free markets. A human world with its accompanying exploitation, wars and destruction, lies and deceptions, secret information held by only a select few. Information that the populous at a large is not deemed worthy or fit, or capable of seeing and understanding.

So this old man with his feet treading on this beautiful, wonderful, unbelievable planet has somewhat of a disconnect. Time to take out my Love flute and play away these thoughts.
To Be Continued