I know that there is a place somewhere down the road, not to far away. Perhaps just around the next bend, or over the next little rise in the rocks. It is a place whose horizon has no end, and the space above my head reaches to infinity. I will stand in that field as the sun is rising, as its rays are beginning to illuminate the outlines of the rocks and trees. I will stand erect with my eyes gazing in front of me. Then I will make a slow 360-degree turn and pan the horizon with my eyes for the last time. I will say goodbye to the mountains, I will say goodbye to the clouds, I will say goodbye to the moon, I will say goodbye to the sun and its rising majesty. I will say goodbye to all the lovely sights never to be seen again.

As I stand there I will apologize to all the people I have hurt in my life through my ignorance and my pain. I’m sorry. I let that go. Then I will remember all the people, all the wonderful people who have helped me along my path. Each one contributing something immeasurable, indefinable, beyond limits, to my life. Wonderful people who have broadened the horizon of my consciousness. Thank You. Though you know not who you are, you carried a message that was important for me. Thank You.
I will embrace the people who I have loved here on this earthly plane. For the last time I will feel their body press against mine in an ecstasy of trust and love. Thank you, I love you dearly. Perhaps I have not touched many. But that was not mine to decide, nor mine to judge what is beyond my understanding, far beyond, far beyond. Each and every one is an important member of my family. Playing their role to absolute perfection in this fantastic experience we call the evolution of human consciousness.
I will look again at the rays of the rising sun and at the moon overhead. I will see the mountains waiting patiently to catch the first rays of the sun. I will say goodbye with all my heart, to the glories that are life on this planet Earth.
But that must wait for another day, for there are many miles yet for these aging legs to wander, people to meet, wonderful conversations to have. Insights with all their brilliant beauty flashing here and there. Insights bringing messages of love and truth and joy. So I tarry awhile, look around at that wonderful field, and then go back into the desert. I climb back over a hill and re-enter the world of men again, one more time to say "Hello, what's going on?"