The age of the warrior is almost over. The bloody sunset of this era of violence will soon fade from our eyes and memories. Already dawning is the age of Peace. The age of the singer, the dancer, the player of flutes. The age of the beater of drums, the lovers of women and of men, the lovers of the world, the darlings of creation, the hope of the future. A future when the sons and daughters of man will live in harmony with the earth. The days of death dealing are coming to an end. Oh blessed end to the millennia of strife and violence. The days, months, years, centuries, millennia of the bloody warriors were many. To long violence and the fear of violence held sway over the minds of hearts of humanity.
Soon the days of fear, want and exile will be over for ever. The doors are open wide to a new and glorious future. A future in which even the memory of violence is erased from the soul of mankind. We descended into the pit and toiled on the earth. Sweat poured from our brow and blood from our wounds. Man lived in fear, and died in pain. The wheel of time turns slowly, slowly, slowly on the axis of the Universe.
Everything we need is always and ever at our fingertips. When we are free of fear and give openly and generously to each other, there is no longer want. Children no longer experience poverty. Parents no longer experience fear and anxiety for the welfare of their children. In the world around us we see a social system that condones the suffering of children. A system that allows hunger to fill their bellies with pain and their eyes with tears. This system is Evil to its very core. It will soon be erased forever from the face of this beautiful, generous, loving, supportive planet we call Earth.
Oh glorious days of the rising sun with its gentle, nurturing rays. God given Sun radiating equally to all the energy of life. Spreading its wings of light across the sky. Blessing us with its abundant glory. Manifesting for us through every second of our lives its generosity and power. Hear us oh Sun, we are bringing your truth and light and strength into the world. We carry in our hand a piece of your torch. We carry in our heart the truth of your love. We too, each in our own unique way bare gifts of light to share and illuminate the hearts of our brothers and sisters. And they in turn do the same for us. Oh glorious day of the rising sun. Hope of mans liberation and fulfillment, in concert with the mothers and the fathers and the brothers and the sisters and the sons and the daughters singing a new song. Filling the air with joyful triumphant music, playing the drum, playing the flute, shaking the rattle, moving the feet dancing ecstatically, celebrating the dawn of a new age of Peace.