How do we take that most important of all steps? The step out side our selves. How can we, how can the world, find peace when it’s all about me, myself and I? I no longer envision this step as some sudden transformation. But, instead it is taking the form of many, small but important, changes in behavior. Remember the bumper sticker – “Practice Random Acts of Kindness”. How much difference could one small act of kindness make? We can never know until we do it. When it’s about me, we don’t do it. Hey isn’t it about making things easier for me. What do I get out of giving to the other guy?

Lack of trust in others. Lack of respect for others. Lack of Love for one of these the least of my children. When we do, if we do, it differently – without thought of reward – we make another step towards bringing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. If I don’t who will? I may not always experience positive results. But, I have been given direction by every saint and prophet and savior who has spoken out as the mouth of God that the result will not be lost. Our effort will never be in vain.

Why do we hesitate to believe and act on the clear directions that we have been given? Are we afraid that it won’t work – that we will be taken advantage of? Sure, that was OK for Jesus – I mean he was Jesus – but not for me. I’m just an ordinary person. But didn’t he say ‘what I do you can and must do also’.

So I extend my hand. And if it’s bitten, I will extend it again. That’s the hard part - I was nice to this guy and he hurt me, I won’t be fool enough to do that again. But, I must. I must offer trust again and again. In spite of knowing that sometimes my trust will be betrayed. How can I turn back now that I have put my shoulder to the plow?

I may not see the Kingdom in this lifetime. But I know it is coming. And I know that when I respect, love and trust you that the Kingdom draws nearer to us both and to all our brothers and sisters who labor in the fields of the Lord.