The big dry is tightening its grip on the desert. The bees are frantically working the last of the nectar from the fading acacias. The jujube fruit is ripening. Even as this is happening the sun is moving again towards the South. Summer monsoon rain clouds gathered this morning as the sun rose. I even felt a few invisible drops on my exposed arms. Just those miniscule scattered droplets brought hidden aromas into the air. The clouds provide a welcome respite from the terrible power of the Summer sun.

My children are growing up. Never again will I feel them cuddling in my arms as I sit in my chair. Now they are slowly detaching from my protective embrace. Ready to try the world on their own. Young birds scurry about after their parents. Learning the ways of their new world. Now mother and father begin to drive the off. Time to become independent. Some will make it. Others, not so strong, clever or just plain lucky fall by the wayside.

Soon I will no longer be able to provide protection and guidance for those I love so dearly. I will leave this place of joys and sorrows to go on to the next stage of my journey. Will I look back and remember? The lessons learned, the struggles won and lost?

In a similar fashion civilizations are born and fade again into the sands of time. O when will we find release from this epoch of violence and anger? So many lives sacrificed on the altar of ignorance and superstition. The treasure of an entire planet, nurtured and preserved for billion of years, squandered in a few generations of mindless consumption. The wealth of the ages used to maim, kill and destroy. The genius of mankind turned upon itself.

We have lost our way and wander in ignorance. One brother takes up arms against another to kill him. When will a true Messiah return to save us from ourselves? Father in heaven we cry out to you. Send us help. Teach us anew how to live in your ways. We who are in such need beseech you. Put your healing hand on our bleeding wounds and deliver us from the evil that has gripped the land.