Snow capped trees near John's workshop in Joshua Tree National Forest
John Stillwell making a native american style flute
Native American Style Flutes By
John Stillwell

Welcome to Ancient Territories
a Place Where Spirit Takes Form

My name is John Stillwell and I am a maker of Native American style flutes.

The Native American style flute is also called the Love flute, Indian flute or American Indian flute.

Please relax and take a little time to look around my website. It is filled with useful information.

Here you will also find a selection of Native American Style Flutes for sale. They are available for immediate delivery.

Where Spirit Takes Form

By spirit I mean that power which the Native American peoples called the Great Spirit. It is that power that I strive to keep in my awareness and express in my craft as I make Native American style flutes for you. Every item that I make - whether a flute, a flute bag, a flute stand, a fetish or totem - is made with you, the Love flute player, in mind.

Learn About Your Native American Style Flute
General Information
The Wood
How Flutes Are Made
How To Play Your Flute
History of the Native American Style Flute
History of the Native American Style Flute
Flute Key Sound Samples
Flute Key Sound Samples
Hardwood Vs. Softwood
Hardwood Vs. Softwood
Making Your Flute
Making Your Flute
The Process
The Process
Factors Effecting Tonal Quality
Factors Effecting Tonal Quality
Playing The Love Flute
Playing The Love Flute
Recent Reviews
July 16, 2021

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I did receive the flute and love it!
I love everything about it: the finish, the smell, most importantly, the tone. What a difference F# is from E in tone and handling.
I have named it Little Sister Wind, as it is the little sister to the E I have from you.
Thank you so very much for your craftmanship. I believe it is the highest quality available.
Best regards,
Paul G
May 09, 2019
Hey John, I really appreciate the super fast customer support and shipping! The flute is simply amazing. Your craftsmanship is top notch, This flute looks incredible (and its true, your choice in walnut surely has character). I cannot believe how incredibly intuitive this instrument is to play. I have tried a few wind instruments before without much luck and have primarily kept to strings. I read through the supplied pamphlet before I started playing, and the info you provide is all you need to start making music! I've never played anything that so easily expresses what is flowing within. It sounds amazing, you can really feel the flute resonate, almost within yourself. The tonal quality is superb throughout the volume range which I absolutely love (having come from needing to crank the tubes on the guitar rig to get "sweet spot). I am completely blown away (pun intended) and I look forward to taking this flute on many adventures down the road.
Thank you John and keep doing great things!
May 09, 2019
Dear John, the flute has just arrived! I opened the box slowly and carefully, picked the fulte up with respect and just looked at it for a couple of minutes. Absolutely beautiful. I was too excited to play the first note, and when I did the sweetest sound I've ever heard came out, I played for a couple of seconds and literally tears welled up in my eyes and I had to let you know immediately that I'm so happy right now. I will cherish this beautiful work of art till the rest of my life. I mean this sound is really something special, so soothing, so natural. Thank you for everything. Oh, yeah, your letter is great:) Reading it really felt like we were on an adventure in South America together. Imagine finding this marvelous instrument at a flea market:))))
So, as far as the care for the flute is concerned, I should remove the bird block, every time I finish playing?
So excited, I'mma go and play some more now. Have a wonderful day.

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