My Backpacker Native American style flutes are made within the same basic design parameters as the more expensive Craftsman and Collectors flutes. Therefore, all my Love flutes sound basically the same.

The Backpacker is not a so-called Beginners flute.

Cheap Native American style flutes, often called beginners flutes, are a waste of money. The prospective first time buyer is often hesitant to put much money into something he is not sure he will take to. What he often gets instead is a cheap instrument barely worthy of the name. I think this is money wasted because he will throw or give away this flute at some point. Unlike quality Love flutes from reputable makers they have no resale value. I speak from my own experience and that of many others. Pay a bit more. Get a Native American style flute on which you can create that quality sound that will encourage your playing and support your growth as a musician.

The Backpacker Native American style flute is designed to be a robust all-terrain instrument. Remember all my flutes are backed by a no questions asked money back guarantee. If you find that the Backpacker Love flute is not for you return it and get your money back.

The Backpacker flute is made of a single wood species rather than multiple woods. This Love flute has a simple, low profile, contrasting wood bird on top of the flute. As with the other types of Native American style flutes that I make the bird is secured with a select quality buckskin thong and a turquoise colored bead. The Backpacker flute has a coat of polyurethane varnish on all the interior surfaces. The critical slow air chamber is also sealed with epoxy resin. The exterior has two coats of polyurethane varnish. The flute is sanded between coats to produce a smooth, durable semi gloss finish. Good for a rafting trip down the river or packing into the woods.