Collectors Flute


The Collectors Series Native American style flutes are a demonstration of my woodworking skills.

Because the Collectors Love flutes are made within the same design parameters, Collectors flutes don’t sound any different than the Craftsman or Backpacker flutes. The difference is in the visual aspect of the craftsmanship.

Collectors Native American style flutes are made from many species of exotic hardwoods that are laminated together with glue. This is not inlay-work which is just decoration on the surface of the flute. The technique of lamination uses pieces of solid wood glued together under pressure. This process produces a very solid structure. Think of laminated beams or plywood. The finishing process used on the Collectors Love flutes is more painstaking than with the other flutes. Each flute is given a final hand rubbing with steel wool and polished out on a buffing wheel.

All the wood colors seen in these individually hand crafted Native American style flutes are natural hardwoods from around the world. I believe that the appearance of these flutes is akin to that of a magic wand. This is your own unique instrument - No two Collectors flutes are alike.